Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery

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Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery

 Editor(s): Dr Salam Massadeh  Publisher: One Central Press  ISBN (eBook): 9781910086131  Language: English


Nanotechnology is a field that has been developed some decades ago, and has been expanding rapidly; the importance of this science came from the combination of synthetic chemistry to fabricate nanoscale building blocks that could be functional on their own, or in combination with other materials. Recently, industries have commenced to exploit and make use of nanotechnology; new devices have been fabricated and used, e.g. new processors, fuel cells, energy storage devices in batteries, LEDs and photoelectrochemical cells.



Book Editor Profile

Salam Massadeh
Salam Massadeh
King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC) (Saudi Arabia)

Dr. Massadeh is a Research Scientist at King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC). She earned her PhD degree in the field of Nanotechnology in bio-imaging; University of East Anglia, United Kingdom. In addition, she holds a Master’s degree in the field of Drug Delivery Systems; University of Reims Champagne Ardennes, France. She also holds a BsC degree in Pharmacy. She is a registered member of the Royal Pharmacists Society (RPS), United Kingdom.
Dr. Massadeh is actively involved in research on developing novel therapies using nanotechnology as a tool. Dr.Massadeh is experienced in therapy development, drug delivery systems, bio-nanotechnology, and the use of nanotechnology for gene therapy.
In addition, she is the principle investigator of major research projects, and a co-Investigator of many other research projects related to therapy development, gene therapy and pharmacogenetics. In her current position, she has initiated collaborations with international research groups in her field; she is also keen to work with colleagues from different research areas. Dr. Massadeh has published her research outcomes in international peer reviewed journals. She has recently filed a patent for a novel therapeutic product in the US patents’ office.
Dr.Massadeh’s research interests include, Drug Delivery, specific drug targeting and gene therapy. More specifically, she is interested in the following research topics:

• Materials: Semiconducting nanocrystals (Quantum Dots), Polymer nanoparticles, and Magnetic nanoparticles.
• Methods: Surface fictionalization of nanoparticles, Drug encapsulation, UV/vis, photoluminescence and other spectroscopy techniques, microscopy and standard chemical and bioanalytical methods.
• Applications: Bioanalytical applications, Gene therapy, cellular studies, bio-imaging and targeted drug delivery.
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