Applications and Industrialisation of Nanotechnology

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Applications and Industrialisation of Nanotechnology

 Editor(s): Dr Maria Aparecida Medeiros Maciel  Publisher: One Central Press  ISBN (eBook): 9781910086230  Language: English


In the last 20 years, researchers attracted attention through extensive number of publications in nanotechnology proving that this scientific area exploded exponentially and novel tools on advanced materials become available in science and technology. Indeed, nanotechnology has emerged as the newest pivotal technology for a wide range of applications. In this scenario it arises as multidisciplinary field with the large potential to bring together a range of disciplines covering novel ideas to solve old problems and create new products. So, some products have become available to employ nanotechnology as a base. The importance of nanotechnology had been recognized with Noble Prizes being awarded to researchers in nanomaterials discoveries such as fullerenes and graphene. The wide range of applications is strongly focused in the properties improvement of nanomaterials which already have being used in the medical, semiconductor, automotive, plastics and chemical industries, providing technological enhancement. On the other hand, the benefits of nanotechnology to society will become real when its transition to produce new products by using nanomanufacturing techniques and processes without causing high costs and toxicity risks to both humans and/or environment. This requires the nanotechnologies to be readily scalable in terms of volume and size as well as reduced of health risks and costs to finally make nanoproducts available to the huge market.
This book focuses on nanotechnology and its industrial aspects providing an overview on a wide range of applications. These include but not limited to the following: colloidal SNEDDS-systems as drug delivery for natural products applied on therapeutic skin wound healing; colloidal nanoemulsion system as a new strategy for the in vitro culture of follicular viability; nanotechnology as a powerful tool for natural anticancer agents; nanotechnology applied to electrode materials highlighting the layered double hydroxides (LDHs); novel synthesis for functional polymers and nanomaterials; principles and functionalization of thermoplastic elastomers for use in the energy, environment and healthcare; and nanocomposite materials for 3D printing.




Book Editor Profile

Maria Aparecida Medeiros Maciel
Maria Aparecida Medeiros Maciel
Potiguar University (UnP), Brazil
University Federal of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Brazil

Dr. MAM Maciel is a researcher, scientist, and an educator. Her research focuses on the development of bioctive natural products with large biochemical and nanobiotechnology product applications. She has two Post Phd (PRODOC-CAPES, 2006 and PDS-CNPq, 2008). Dr MAM Maciel obtained her PhD from the University Federal of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) in Brazil in 1997 and her MSc at UFRRJ in 1991. She was a visiting researcher at the University California San Diego (UCSD), USA in 1989, as well as at U. Fed. Para (UFPA) in 1993-1995 in Brazil. She is/was a collaborating researcher of U. Fed. Rural RJ (UFRRJ), 1993-; U. Fed. RN (UFRN), 2002-; U. Fed. Pernambuco (UFPE), 2002-; U. Fed. RJ (UFRJ), 1998-2017; U. Fed. Ceara (UFC), 1993-2010; U. Est. Londrina (UEL), 1994-2012. Professor of the: U. Castelo Branco (UCB-RJ), 1998-2001; Post Graduate Program in Chemistry UFRN, 2002-2017; Graduate Program REUNI/UFRN, 2010-2012; Distance Learning Graduate Program (SEDIS-UFRN), 2010-2017; Post Graduate Program in Biotechnology of the University Potiguar, Natal, Brazil; 2012-; Post Graduate Program in Biotechnology Renorbio/UFRN, 2013-. Researcher of CNPq level PQ2 (2018-2021) and PQ1D (2022-). She was awarded Top 100 Scientists 2014 and Who´s Who in the World 2010. Dr MAM Maciel has published 94 papers, 48 patents, 25 book chapters and was a book lead editor and has an “h” index of 30 (4.473 citations) by Google Scholar.