Carbon Nanotechnology

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Carbon Nanotechnology

 Editor(s): W. I. Milne  Publisher: One Central Press  ISBN (eBook): 9781910086117  Language: English


Carbon, though often overlooked as an engineering material by many, underpins much infrastructure central to our modern society. The recent dawn of the nano-age has solidified Carbons engineering importance. Once the preserve of the laboratory worker, carbon-based nanotechnology is beginning to make the lab-to-fab transition.
More than three decades have passed since the discovery of the C₆₀Buckminster Fullerene. Heralding the start of the nanocarbon age, the field has developed rapidly since, with a diverse set of tools being realised that are capable of isolating, synthesising and integrating the graphitic nanocarbons; namely, the fullerenes, carbon nanotubes and, more recently, graphene. As a result, the number of ensuing applications based on these materials has continued to expand; from advanced composites, to unique computational elements, the list continues to grow, in line with the increasing inventiveness of the nanocarbon community.



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W. I. Milne
W. I. Milne
University of Cambridge (UK)

Bill Milne FREng, FIET, FIMMM was Head of Electrical Engineering at Cambridge University from 1999 -2014. He is currently an Emeritus Professor in the Electrical Engineering Division in the Department of Engineering in Cambridge where in 1996 he was appointed to the “1944 Chair in Electrical Engineering”. He holds a 1000 Talents Chair at Zhejiang University. He obtained his BSc from St Andrews University in Scotland in 1970 and then went on to read for a PhD in Electronic Materials at Imperial College London. He was awarded his PhD and DIC in 1973 and, in 2003, a D.Eng (Honoris Causa) from University of Waterloo, Canada. He was elected a Fellow of The Royal Academy of Engineering in 2006 and awarded the J.J. Thomson medal from the IET in 2008 and the NANOSMAT prize in 2010 for excellence in nanotechnology. His research interests include large area Si and carbon based electronics, graphene, carbon nanotubes and thin film materials. Most recently he has been investigating MEMS, SAW and FBAR devices and SOI based micro heaters for (bio) sensing applications. He has published/presented ~ 800 papers in these areas, of which ~ 200 were invited. He has an “h” index of 59 according to Web of Science.
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