Open access publications are freely and permanently available online for anyone to view. Open access has gained tremendous support from both authors, who appreciate the increased visibility of their work, as well as science institutions and funders, who value the societal impact of freely available research results. By making information freely available in this way, Open Access accelerates research and learning.

What are the benefits of open access publishing?

  • Free availability thanks to unrestricted online access
    Open access publications are freely available online to anyone, which maximizes the visibility, and thus the uptake and use of the work published.
  • Authors retain copyright
    The use of a Creative Commons License enables authors/editors to retain copyright to their work. Publications can be reused and redistributed as long as the original author is correctly attributed.
  • High quality and rigorous peer review
    Open access publications run through the same peer review, production and publishing processes than journals and books published under the traditional subscription-based model do.
  • No space constraints
    Publishing online means unlimited space for supplementary material including figures, extensive data and video footage.