Professor Alexander Seifalian
University College London (UK)
Achala de Mel
University College London (UK)
Deepak M. Kalaskar
University College London (UK)

ISBN (eBook): 978-1-910086-01-8
Publisher: One Central Press (OCP)
Chapters published: 01 December 2014 under “Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License”



Nanotechnology in:

– Tissue Engineering & Biomaterial Science

– Nanoscale tissue scaffolds

– Nanoscale biomaterial surface modification

– Enzyme responsive tissue scaffolds

– Guiding stem cell differentiation

Diagnosis and Imaging:

– Biosensors

– Quantum Dot Imaging

– Image enhancing particles

Drug Delivery (Nano-Pharmacology):

– Targeted drug delivery

– Nano-vehicle delivery systems

– Photo-dynamic therapy

– Thermo-diagnostics



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seifalianProfessor Alexander Seifalian

University College London (UK)

Alexander Seifalian is Professor of Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine and is director of Centre for Nanotechnology, Biomaterial and Tissue Engineering. He has been the driving force behind the Centre’s development of bypass grafts, stents, heart valve, nerve regeneration, cartilage drug delivery and patent filing and commercialisation. He has received grant support of over £3.8 million from research councils and industry over the past 4 years. Professor Seifalian has been extensively involved in commercialisation of medical devices, including: i) the development of a vascular by-pass graft funded by MedLink Projects, this being based on poly(carbonateurea) urethane (PCU) with a commercialised version used in renal dialysis; ii) the development of a miniature implantable portal blood pump (EEC Funded) currently under clinical trial; iii) the development of a laser light activated vascular sealant, which has now been commercialised; and iv) synthesis of polymeric scaffolds for academic and commercial use. His research team has been awarded the top prize by Medical Future 2007 for development of cardiovascular devices including bypass grafts using the family of new innovative materials. He has over 266 peer review publications and 21 book chapters. He is a Fellow of Institute of Nanotechnology.

seifalianAchala de Mel

University College London (UK)

Achala de Mel is a lecturer in Regenerative Medicine at UCLs Division of Surgery and Interventional Sciences, and a member of the UCL’s centre for Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine. Her primary interests are in optimising cell-material interactions for Regenerative Medicine applications. Together with Prof Alexander Seifalian she is currently leading a research team funded by the EPSRC on 3D printing of thermoplastic nanocomposites for surgical implants.

seifalianDeepak M. Kalaskar

University College London (UK)

Dr Deepak Kalaskar is Team Leader in development of artificial organs at University College London (UCL). He is actively involved in research on nanotechnology and tissue engineering solutions for artificial organs in Prof Seifalian’s team. He had worked previously, at various universities in UK and Belgium on number of developmental and applied research projects which include high throughput culture for embryonic stem cells, Nanomaterials coatings for orthopaedic implants, protein based nanoparticles for drug delivery applications, on demand printing of cells using inkjet printer. His primary interest includes development of smart materials for nanomedicine, modification of biomaterial interfaces using Plasma polymerisation and 3D printing of various artificial organs and their surface modification.
He also heads MSc course in Burns, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Royal Free Hospital campus of UCL, which is directed towards training scientists and clinicians in field of Regenerative Medicine and Nanotechnology. He works as a consultant for UCL with various healthcare industries in UK and Europe.



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