Nano Energy Systems

ISSN 2514-4944
DOI 10.24274/nes.2016

Professor Peter Lund
Aalto University, Finland
Professor Fernando Marques
University of Aveiro, Portugal

Official Sponsor of Global NanoEnergy Prize

Energy is one of mankind’s grand challenges. Clean and sustainable energy innovations will stand in the centre of transition to a low-carbon society. Nanomaterials, through their remarkable properties, will offer new avenues in creating the necessary clean energy technologies. Nanomaterials and nanotechnology have done important contributions in many areas of energy technology, for example batteries, solar cells, fuel cells, thermoelectrics, etc.

Nano Energy Systems is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed open access journalthat publishes strictly high quality and original papers relating to all aspects of nanomaterial related energy research and nano energy systems. The journal endeavours to publish (i) contributed articles, (ii) reviews and (iii) rapid communications. The journal is highlyrelevant to those people working with nanomaterials and nanotechnology for fundamental studies, technologies, and in applications relating to nano energy.

Nano Energy Systems publishes original theoretical, computational, and experimental research contributions on all aspects of energy-related research, development and nanotechnology. All papers will undergo a rigorous review to ensure quality.

Nano Energy Systems will be published by One Central Press and will be published each quarterly (4 times a year) and will be available to read and/or download, free of cost, as e-edition.

The themes of the journal will include and not limited to the following:

-       Batteries

-       Supercapacitors

-       Solar cells

-       Solar thermal collectors

-       Fuel cells

-       Hydrogen storage

-       Energy storage

-       Thermoelectrics

-       Energy harvesting

-       Energy efficiency, incl. LEDs

-       Applying nanomaterials to wind energy, CCS, and other technologies

- etc

Editors In Chief

Professor Peter Lund
Aalto University, Finland
Professor Fernando Marques
University of Aveiro, Portugal

International Editorial Board

Professor J. Darr, University College London, UK

Professor Rizwan Raza, COMSATS, Lahore, Pakistan

Professor V. R. Dhanak, University of Liverpool, UK

Professor Esko I. Kauppinen, Aalto University School of Science, Finland

Professor Bin Zhu, KTH, Sweden

Professor Sining Yun, Xi’an University of Articture and Technology, China

Professor Harri Lipsanen, Micronova Aalto University, Finland

Professor Yang Hou, TU Dresden, Germany

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Article Types

The journal will publish the following types of papers:

- Review articles

- Rapid communications

- Regular full length articles

- Invited articles

Manuscript Preparation

Manuscripts should be 4 to 12 pages in length. OCP can accept shorter or longer manuscripts, provided that the scientific content is of exceptionally high quality.

Permissions – Authors who include figures, tables, or text extracts in their work that have already been published in other publishing domains are required to obtain permission from the copyright owner(s) for both the print and online format.

Authors are not expected to submit copyright permissions along with their manuscripts, but we may ask you to provide them if there are reasons to suspect that any part of your manuscript infringes a third-party’s copyright.

Open Access Policy

All articles are published under the CC BY 3.0 license (


Author(s) are the only holder(s) of the copyright to the published work. To view the Copyright policy click here

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Article Processing Charge

Nano Energy Systems (NES) is an Open Access journal. Publishing an article in this journal requires the payment of an Article Processing Charge. The Article Processing Charge is currently 500 Euros.

The APC fee is paid only after an article has been accepted for publication, which includes administering peer-review, editing, proofreading, publishing, maintaining, indexing etc. and it allows immediate online access to the full article. No fees are charged for article submission and there are no additional charges for colour figures or supplements included in your work.

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